Szymon Kufel

Regional Lead / Solution Architect

Szymon Kufel

Even though Szymon has experience of working remotely, starting at Linklaters was a challenge


City and country

Warsaw, Poland

When did you join the company?

4th May 2020

What prompted you to move to this new role?

My previous role was in the automotive industry and it had become slightly stale. I wanted a new challenge and, like many of us, hoped for better remuneration.

How did you find this role?

I’d describe my approach to finding a new position as quite passive. I would respond occasionally to jobs posted on LinkedIn if they caught my interest, but I wasn’t proactively seeking them out. I was approached by a recruiter on LinkedIn with the Linklaters role and that's how it started. After the initial conversation and role review, we decided to proceed further and submit my profile to the company.

Overall what is the best advice you can give other job seekers?

Be open-minded. Always look into messages from recruiters and check what is available. Ask questions, if you're not sure about something. Do not be stressed and afraid to take on a new challenge.

What was your biggest challenge?

I have worked remotely for more than 4 years but throughout that time I have of course met my colleagues in person and formed a social bond with them. It feels somewhat different to dive straight into a new role without face-to-face meetings and chance conversations around the coffee machine. My biggest challenge has been to meet the team and identify all of the people.

Has starting your new job been easier or harder than expected? And why?

It was different to usual. As mentioned before, it is challenging to start 100% remotely, regardless of how used you are to working from home. However, it is simply a new way of doing things and not impossible 😊

What was your biggest positive surprise?

My biggest surprise was the impressive on-boarding process. Linklaters were completely on the ball when it came to on-boarding. All of the necessary documents, paperwork and equipment were at my disposal from Day 1. I was able to hit the ground running.

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