Sarell Lopes

Application Security Engineer

Sarell Lopes

A structured approach & overcoming the fear of failure helped Sarell win his new role at Fidelity Investments Ireland


City and country

Dublin, Ireland

When will you be joining the company?

Will start in 1st week of July 2020

What prompted you to move to this new role?

I completed my postgraduate degree, a Masters in Cyber Security at the National College of Ireland, in January 2020 and began my job search in earnest shortly afterwards.

How did you approach the task of job searching?

I started by giving my online profile at LinkedIn a complete overhaul by filling in much more detail about my career history and getting specific references and endorsements from previous work colleagues. I let my network know of my availability and encouraged them to share this with their contacts who might have knowledge of available roles.

I tasked myself with achieving 5 job applications per day,whether through company research and direct approach or through agencies. Over a period of three months or so, this soon built up to quite a lot!

I also kept in close contact with my College, who were able to help with skills events and recruitment opportunities.

Overall what is the best advice you can give other job seekers?:

Enriching your LinkedIn profile and using Recommendations will have the immediate benefit of attracting approaches from recruiters. Using multiple tags in your profile is really important. A ‘Software Engineer’ in one company may be called a ‘Back-end Programmer’ in another. You need to hit all the key words that agencies might be using for a role in your area of expertise. You don’t want to rule yourself out before you get started.

Keep looking! Attend career seminars and events to grow your network. Take advice from recruitment experts and learn from your previous interviews.

What was your biggest challenge?

I had interviews with some big players, most memorably IBM and PWC and all I can remember is the fear. I sat trying to answer the questions with the constant anxiety of rejection running through my mind, it paralysed my ability to answer questions that I absolutely knew. One day, after one such interview, I made the conscious decision to change my mindset. To relax, forget about acception and rejection and just do my best to engage in the process and answer to the best of my ability. It made a big difference, I felt and behaved more confidently, and I channelled all that previously wasted nervous energy into promoting a more positive version of myself.

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