Jessica Scott

Senior UX Designer / Product Designer

Jessica Scott

Editing your CV really does help says Jessica, who has just started a new role at Mozilla


City and country

Los Angeles, CA, USA

What prompted you to move to this new role?

I was fully employed but saw this as a better job

How did you find this role?

I applied for this role on LinkedIn I believe, and then a recruiter reached out to me. I looked mostly on Tech-centered job sites.

Overall what is the best advice you can give other job seekers?

I'm certainly no expert, but I will say I was consistently editing my CV to make it cleaner, actually doing this silly resume clean up tutorials and trying to beef up my portfolio regularly.

What was your biggest challenge?

Translating the breadth of my experience, which was diverse, to a very specific role in tech was a significant challenge

Has starting your new job been easier or harder than you expected? And why?

I'm really too new to say! About what I expected!

What was your biggest positive surprise?

The people. This really makes or breaks how you feel when you get up in the morning. Make sure the vibe is good when you're interviewing--they're in the hot seat too to make a good impression!

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