James Wilson

Software Engineer

James Wilson

James says recommends keeping your skills up for the stack you specialise in as not much has changed in the tech industry


City and country

Dublin, Ireland

When did you join the company?

June 2020

What prompted you to move to this new role?

I was fully employed but saw this as a better job

How did you find this role?

I was contacted by a recruiting firm I had a previous relationship with saying that the role was available and I went for it

Overall what is the best advice you can give other job seekers?

In the tech industry not much has changed, I would recommend to keep your skills up for the stack you specialise in.

Has starting your new job been easier or harder than expected? And why?

Slightly harder to onboard as I've had to rely on Zoom rather than face to face

What was your biggest positive surprise?

Post COVID I have the choice to work 100% remote

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