Brian, Yueh-Peng Liu

Senior React Frontend Developer

Brian, Yueh-Peng Liu

'Never give up if you fail' - advice from Brian who has just started a new role at Trade Ledger


City and country

Sydney, Australia

When did you join the company?

16th April 2020

What prompted you to move to this new role?

I was fully employed but saw this a better job

How did you find this role?

I was contacted by a recruitment consultant who connected with me first on LinkedIn then approached me on the phone with this opportunity

Overall what is the best advice you can give other job seekers?

Kinda corny but just always get yourself prepared for opportunities and never give up if you fail

What was your biggest challenge?

Holding a full-time job and having interviews at the same time

Has starting your new job been easier or harder than expected? And why?

I would say relatively smoothly as I'm an experienced engineer

What was your biggest positive surprise?

I quickly loved this job and team after the first week onboarding

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