Anna Reiss

Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Anna Reiss

You never know which direction an opportunity might come from, says Anna as she starts her new role at Citi Service Center


City and country

Warsaw, Poland

When did you join the company?


What prompted you to move to this new role?

I was on a contract to cover maternity leave and it was shortened suddenly when the person I was covering decided to return to work earlier than expected. It all came as a bit of a shock.

How did you find this role?

I applied for quite a few positions before this but didn’t get very much response. I posted my availability on LinkedIn and was contacted by a recruitment consultant from another company, who saw my post.

Overall what is the best advice you can give other job seekers?

I consider myself to be quite independent, so I was initially reluctant to reach out beyond my own relatively small network and into those of my contacts. However, helpful people shared my LinkedIn post and as the word spread, more opportunities came up.

My advice is do not be afraid to ask your colleagues and acquaintances for help either personally, or via sites like LinkedIn. People really want to help, especially during a crisis like this. You never know which direction an opportunity might come from.

Has starting your new job been easier or harder than expected? And why?

I am still onboarding with Citi and doing this at home because of the pandemic. I have a lot of training materials to work my way through. I think you have to be more self-motivated to do this remotely and probably it would be easier in the office where help and answers to questions can be found more quickly. My new colleagues are helpful and supportive so that makes things easier.

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