Anjam Bhatti

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Anjam Bhatti

'Use your network’ is the advice from Anjam, a PMO Planner


City and country

Solihull, UK

When did you join?

26th May 2020

What prompted you to move to this new role?

I like to take a pro-active approach to finding jobs. I was fully employed but was looking to make my next move and so contacted my network to let them know I was available should they have any opportunities they were aware of

How did you find the role?

I contacted approximately 60 people in my job network of past colleagues and contacts from other roles using email and LinkedIn messenger.One of these contacts forwarded on a role that had been sent to her which looked ideal and I followed it up directly through the website

Overall, what is the best advice you can give other job seekers?

Lean on your network if you have one. Don’t be timid about it or fear that you are imposing, simply reach out and tell them the type of role you would like to find. Remember that marketing campaigns only need a limited click response to make them successful, so don’t despair or give up if you get littlereaction from your network. Just one or two replies can lead to new opportunities.

I only publish my latest role on my LinkedIn profile. I do this because it gives me more scope to use the details of my previous roles to match the requirements of the role I am applying for. It stops me being pigeon-holed by previous job titles in the eyes of a recruiter. Tailoring my CV and creating these matches allows me to examine my suitability for a new role in a more objective way. Sometimes this process will actually make me see I am not suitable and wouldn’t be happy.

Once you have sent an application to an agency it is a good idea to follow it up with a call. This gets your CV front and centre in the agent’s mind. If you don’t get through, then try again soon. Again you are not imposing,but you are showing tenacity and determination which are admirable qualities inmost job hunters!

What was your biggest challenge?

I spent as much time researching how to interview online successfully as I did researching the organisation and role. I knew I had the skills to do the job and I didn’t want that fact to be ambushed through avoidable technical glitches or poor presentation. Advice on clothes, lighting and other minutiae are readily available. Human beings like to think they are not influenced by such matters but they all are! I even went as far as to contact people I knew that worked within the company so that I could practice Skyping through their system.

Has starting your new job been easier or harder than expected? And why?

I have to say the whole process has been a breeze. A week before I started my laptop arrived, login details had been sent and meetings scheduled to bring me up-to speed. I have enough contact in order to feel a good degree of team cohesion. If there is a downside then I guess it is the lack of exposure that you get to the people you are not directly working with, via water-cooler moments or trips to a canteen. An opportunity to expand my network if you like.

What was your biggest positive surprise?

The interview was scheduled for 30 mins. It finished in about 22 mins and I landed the job!

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