Video Interviewing: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Video Interviewing: Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Article written by Hinterview.

Long before COVID-19, video interviewing was pushing its way to the forefront of the recruitment process.

However, with the world going into lockdown, that ‘push’ has become a shove into the limelight!

While there are obvious benefits to video interviewing, there are advantages that people don’t always consider. Conducting a video interview allows the applicant to demonstrate skills they can’t always articulate on a CV; soft skills!

Research has shown over and over that hiring managers rank soft skills at the top of their hiring agenda.

Skills such as communication, how easy a person is to teach and cultural fit are all a big consideration yet, not easily shown on an application form.

Even with all the benefits, video interviewing can still be a nerve-racking process and one we must all learn to overcome.

As the old saying goes “Fail to prepare and prepare to fail!” so, here are our key pointers to consider when preparing for your video interview.

1 - Research the company & your interviewer

Like any interview, you need to do your research on both the company and the person interviewing you.

Just because you are behind a screen, doesn’t mean you won’t go a shade of pink when they ask you a basic question about their business and you have no clue.

There are fantastic resources available to research companies; Glassdoor, Google Reviews, LinkedIn and, if you are working with a recruiter, they will have some useful insight.

During your research, note any questions you want to ask – interviews are two-way conversations after all!

2 - Know your experience

It sounds obvious but, we sometimes fall into the habit of applying for a position without reading our CV immediately beforehand.

It is normal to forget snippets of information about your experience so a quick run through of your CV before an interview is advisable.

On that note, we also recommend that you update your CV periodically. Even if you are not looking for a new position, it is important to update your CV with any additional projects or responsibilities you take on during a role while they’re fresh in your mind.

3 - Be comfortable with your technology

Unlike a face-to-face meeting, you need the support of some technology to complete a video interview.

Most can be conducted on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Ensure you have a full battery, good internet connection and any additional software updates needed.

If possible, we recommend that you complete a test of your audio and camera before the video interview starts.

4 - Dress for the meeting

Don’t sit in your PJs in your bedroom. Just don’t do it.

Dress as you would for a face-to-face interview and make sure you are in a quiet setting where you won’t be interrupted or distracted during the meeting.

You don’t need a white wall behind you but, we do recommend there is nothing overly distracting in the background.

Overall, video interviewing is like standard face-to-face interviews; prepare, dress appropriately and do your research. The only additional consideration is the technology you use.

Whether this is your first, second or third video interview, we can almost guarantee it will not be your last.

Hiring managers are turning to video interviews to access talent with no geographical boundaries while streamlining their recruiting process.

If you need any further information or support, we are happy to help, contact Otherwise, good luck, and happy interviewing!

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